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Packaging & Transportation


& Transportation

Evidence Storage Services' Mobile Evidence Recovery Vehicle is a response unit equipped with all the on-site tools and apparatus necessary for the extraction, packaging and safe transport of physical evidence.  Some of the vehicle’s features include: a hydraulic lift gate to move evidence in the upright position, an inverter for potable electrical service and sealing apparatus for artifact encapsulation.

For oversized evidence and major incidents, we organize the logistics of the extraction, transport and storage.  We have access to fleets of vehicles anywhere in the country and can coordinate transportation and secure storage.  With Evidence Storage Services, no evidence is too large or small and large loss management is our specialty.

For company-wide program participants, we have simple packaging, shipping and tracking systems that adhere to a proper chain of custody.  Procedures to insure consistency of care, proper file documentation and the standardization of your company's evidence.  Whether regionally or on a national level, you will know where your evidence is and be able to manage those expenses.

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