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Extraction & Documentation

All evidence extractions are facilitated by an Evidence Storage Services Technician.  We employ retired law enforcement or Certified Evidence Technicians through the IAAI with expertise in proper handling, documentation and storage of physical evidence.  Each team leader has refined skill sets in construction and the use of specialty tools, to properly and safely extract evidence of any size or number.   

At Evidence Storage Services, we follow exacting, exclusive protocols and employee some of the latest technology to document a proper chain of custody.  For company-wide program participants, we design custom procedures and materials for the collection and transportation of their evidence.

For major incidents, we dispatch a team of specialists wherever the need may be.  Consultants who facilitate the logistics of extraction, transportation and storage.  Experts who coordinate protocols in line with the rules of evidence and complexities of the scene.  Whether it requires six days or six months, we manage the evidence component from retention to the courtroom.

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