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Evidence Storage Services

"The cost-effective solution for collecting, tracking and properly storing physical evidence"

The Rules of Evidence have not changed, but the legal challenges concerning the proper handling, storage and maintenance of evidence have. What was common practice in the past is just not acceptable anymore.


Evidence Storage Services has developed a complete solution with established protocols that allows you to control and manage your evidence from its collection to the courtroom. With just a phone call, your evidence will be properly collected and stored under rigid controls.  And with a keystroke, you can request a digital chain of custody, photographs, access to the identification of those in attendance at a joint examination, and more.








Evidence Programs

to insure the admissibility

of all your evidence"

Evidence Storage Services can design, implement and facilitate a Company-wide Evidence Program that will correspond with corporate initiatives as well as the rules of evidence.  We have models in place to insure consistency of care, proper file documentation and the standardization of your storage, regionally or on a national level.  Our systems insure and protect against future claims of spoliation.


With a company-wide program, you will know where your evidence is and be able to manage those expenses.



"Experience is Everything"

Our management team members have extensive backgrounds in law enforcement, crime scene investigation and civil litigation. They’ve handled some of the largest losses in U.S. history and over the decades, observed major shortcomings in evidence collection and storage.  Prompting them to develop Evidence Storage’s state-of-the-art procedures and facilities.

Evidence Storage Services combines the logistical components and skills of a mover with the expertise of an evidence collection, tracking, and storage specialist. Our process is a benchmark level of care focused on documentation and preservation of all types of physical evidence. With Evidence Storage Services, no evidence is too large or small.

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