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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why did you develop this facility?
A: Over the years, our management team has witnessed the shortcomings of poor evidence collection, transportation and storage. For example, court cases where evidence has been thrown in somebody's closet, mishandled or even missing. We felt there was a better way to collect, document and store evidence, so we've done it.

Q: What makes Evidence Preserve different from other facilities?
A: Just about everything. We have collection, documentation and storage protocols that are unlike anything in the industry. Our custom-designed building is secured 24/7 and protected with high-tech devices against fire and theft. And our Joint Examination Room has every convenience we could think of to save our clients time and money.

Q: Why is the Joint Examination Room so important?
A: Evidence Preserve wants to make it easy to perform joint examinations – wherever the various parties are located. So we've purposely emphasized comfort, efficiency and communications. For example, we've included a photography table, magnification capabilities, lifting and examination tables, and specialty lighting.

Q: Why did you develop your Mobile Evidence Recovery Vehicle?
A: We realized that one of the weak links was the way evidence was collected and transported from a scene. In many cases, evidence is just thrown in the back of a car.  We developed a system of packaging, protecting and documenting evidence. In addition, we've modified our vehicles to make it easy to strap evidence in place. Of course, for larger pieces of evidence, we can bring in tractor-trailers and flatbeds, along with whatever riggers, haulers and engineers you might need.

Q: Where is your facility located?
A: It's just outside New York City, and is convenient to most major highways in the New York City metropolitan area. It's also close to both major airports.

Q: What kinds of businesses are using Evidence Preserve?
A: We're already working with insurance companies, law firms, utility companies and engineering firms. In the future, we may store evidence for law enforcement agencies too.

Q: What are your prices like?
A: We believe our prices are quite reasonable, and that our customers will benefit from numerous built-in efficiencies that offer additional time-savings.  To learn more, call us for a free quote. We’d be happy to talk to you.

Q: Do you offer any other services?
A: Yes.  We also offer training sessions by nationally recognized experts in evidence collection and storage, chain-of-custody procedures, federal and state rules of evidence, spoliation, the Evidence Preserve process and more. We can hold them in a classroom right on-site.

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